The Arts



These initiatives help young people enhance self-expression and creativity, develop multicultural appreciation, provide exposure to arts, and develop skills in crafts, visual, performing and literary arts.

Digital Arts Suite and Festival

The Digital Arts Suite teaches members ages 6 to 18 how to create computer-generated art.  In each of the five programs (Web Tech, Design Tech, Photo Tech, Music Tech), members advance through three levels of animated lessons online (delivered in English or Spanish) and participate in instructor-led group activities.  Club members ages 10 to 18 are invited to submit their artwork to the annual Digital Arts Festival, which celebrate Club members’ creativity in web design, graphic design, photo illustration, music composition, and movie making/screenplay writing.  The Digital Arts Suite and Festival are a part of Club Tech, which is a partnership between Boys & Girls Club of America, founding partner Microsoft and Best Buy Children’s Foundation.

ImageMakers: National Photography Program

Funded by the Circuit City Foundation, this comprehensive photography program encourages girls and boys to learn and practice photography and express themselves in creative and innovative ways.  The national initiative delivers a state-of-the-art photography curriculum , provides photographic resources, and opportunities for Club members to compete on a national level.  ImageMakers provides local, regional, and national recognition through an annual photography contest.  Winning photos will be displayed nationwide in museums as well as at BGCA’s annual National Conference.

The Circuit City Foundation ImageMakers funding is being passed through to 60 Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide to help them implement a photography curriculum.  Ten additional sites were selected for grants to strengthen and highlight excellent photography programs in place.  All Boys & Girls Clubs across the country receive the ImageMakers resource guide and materials.


This year-round program, developed in collaboration with and funded by NAMM, the International Music Products Association, encourages Club members ages 6 to 18 to have fun exploring music making and learning to play drums and guitar.  Clubs provide step-by-step activities for drums and guitar in beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.